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Vol. 27, No. 2,
Second Quarter 2014


Brainard Becomes Fed Governor

Fischer Sworn In as Fed Governor

Federal Reserve to Host Payment System Improvement Town Halls

Fed Gov. Stein Addresses Policy Communications

Fed Chair Addresses Community Banking

Atlanta Fed Chief Discusses Economic Outlook

Fed Study Analyzes Trends in Cash Usage

Fed Survey Details Loan Officers' Opinions

Optimism Takes Root in the Spring

Atlanta Fed Conference Explores Financial Regulation

Federal Reserve's Payments Study Notes Shifts

Atlanta Fed President Discusses Policy Goals

Fed Chair Yellen Discusses Job Market




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  Editor's Note: This publication is posted on a rolling schedule and content will be added throughout the quarter.
Updated June 24, 2014
lael_brainard Fed Governors Sworn In
6/24/2014 - Lael Brainard took the oath of office as a member of the Federal Reserve System Board of Governors on June 16. Jerome H. Powell was also sworn in for a second term on the Board, and Stanley Fischer was sworn in as vice chairman of the Board. The oaths were administered by Fed Chair Janet Yellen.
Stanley Fischer Cybersecurity, Small Business Lending Detailed in Latest "ViewPoint"
6/19/2014 - The second quarter edition of Financial Update's "ViewPoint," from the Atlanta Fed's supervision and regulation division, includes a look at combating the threat banks face from cybercriminals, developments in small business lending, and updates on national and southeastern banking conditions.
Stanley Fischer Fischer Sworn In as Fed Governor
6/12/2014 - Stanley Fischer was sworn in on May 28 as a member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. Fed Chair Janet L. Yellen administered the oath to Fischer, who is filling an unexpired term that ends January 31, 2020.
Conference Federal Reserve to Host Payment System Improvement Town Halls
6/11/2014 - The Federal Reserve Banks is hosting a series of "Payment System Improvement Town Halls" this month. The meetings are intended to foster discussion and gather feedback on potential strategies for addressing gaps and opportunities in the U.S. payment system.
Magnifying Glass on Chart Fed Gov. Stein: Fed Faces Challenges in Communicating
5/21/2014 - In a recent speech, Federal Reserve Governor Jeremy Stein said the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) is aware of the complexities of communicating monetary policy, noting that one of the most important communications challenges involves the FOMC's "delicate interplay" with financial markets.
Janet Yellen Fed Chair Yellen: Fed Tailoring Actions for Community Banks
5/20/2014 - The Federal Reserve carefully considers the impact on community banks of new regulations and other supervisory actions, Fed Chair Janet Yellen recently said. She emphasized the Fed's intention that measures designed for large financial institutions do not place undue burdens on smaller banks.
Dennis Lockhart Atlanta Fed Chief: Monetary Policy Normalizing, Job Growth Encouraging
5/20/2014 - In a recent speech, Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart said a "gradual normalization of monetary policy" has begun. While predicting economic growth will speed up this quarter, Lockhart also sounded a note of caution about the ongoing yet very slow recovery of the labor market.
woman using cash Even in a Digital Age, Cash Remains King
5/14/2014 - Consumers still use cash more than any other payment method, especially for small-dollar purchases, according to recent Fed research. Consumers use cash for half of their transactions of less than $50, and they use cash especially often for certain everyday purchases like food and personal care items.
regional jobs Fed Survey: U.S. Banks Eased Lending Standards
5/13/2014 - U.S. banks have eased lending standards on a range of loans to businesses and consumers, according to the Federal Reserve's quarterly survey of senior loan officers. Domestic banks reported easing lending policies for commercial and industrial loans and commercial real estate loans.
regional jobs Optimism Takes Root in the Spring
5/2/2014 - Springtime is when people are accustomed to seeing new growth, and so it is with the regional economy in early 2014. Recent data point to progress on a range of key economic indicators, from employment to manufacturing, and Financial Update's "EconBrief" discusses what they might imply going forward.
credit card Atlanta Fed Examines the Future of Financial Regulation
5/2/2014 - In the wake of the financial crisis and Great Recession, the United States and other large industrial nations enacted sweeping regulatory changes. The Atlanta Fed recently convened leading thinkers in finance and economics to explore the implications of new regulations and whether more regulated financial markets produce greater financial and macroeconomic stability.
credit card How We Pay: Results from the Federal Reserve's Latest Payments Study
4/28/2014 - Changes in technology have affected not only how people live and work, they have also affected how individuals and businesses pay for goods and services. The Federal Reserve's most recent triennial study of the payments system highlights a number of shifts in this dynamic arena.
Atlanta Fed President Lockhart Atlanta Fed President Lockhart: Accommodative Monetary Policy Still Needed
4/23/2014 - Although the frigid winter just past could chill first-quarter economic growth, Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart recently said that he expects gross domestic product growth to gain momentum in the second quarter of the year and beyond.
Fed Chair Yellen Fed Chair Yellen: Fed Will Continue to Support Labor Market
4/4/2014 - Because the labor market remains weak by historical standards, the central bank needs to continue some of its "extraordinary steps" to spur the economy, Fed Chair Janet Yellen said in a recent speech. She also discussed keeping interest rates low to help the recovery.