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Volume 10, Number 4 / October-December 1997

Cover Story

Rivlin Forum Participants Favor Fed Role in Payments Systems

Feature Articles

Consolidation Concentrates Bank Markets in Sixth District
How Does Bank Consolidation Affect Small Business Lending?
New $50 Bill Introduced
Fed Amends Consumer Leasing Act
New Functional Cost and Profit Analysis
Fed Discount Window Provides Credit to Depository Institutions
Fed Standardizes Operating Circulars for Institutions


The Docket

Editorial Director
Pierce Nelson

Managing Editor
Lynn Foley

Carole Starkey

Editorial Board

Bobbie McCrackin - V.P., Public Affairs

Vicki Anderson - A.V.P., Miami Branch
Lois Berthaume - V.P., Supervision and Regulation
Anne DeBeer - Sr. V.P., Accounting/Automation
Amy Goodman - A.V.P., New Orleans Branch
B. Frank King - V.P. and Assoc. Director of Research
James McKee - V.P. and Branch Manager, Atlanta Branch
Larry Schulz - A.V.P., Statistical Reports
Clifford Stanford - Associate Counsel, Legal
Margaret Thomas - A.V.P., Birmingham Branch

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