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Volume 11, Number 2 / April-June 1998

Cover Story

Atlanta and Cleveland Feds Team to Run System's Retail Payments Office

Feature Articles

Fraud's Impact on New Forms of Retail Payments
Lagged Reserve Requirements to Be Implemented in July
A New Look for $20 Bill This Fall
Southeast Experiences High Growth in De Novo Banks


The Docket
District Commercial Bank Deposit Data

Editorial Director
Pierce Nelson

Staff Writer
Jean Tate

Managing Editor
Lynn Foley

Carole Starkey and Kristin Reynolds

Editorial Board

Bobbie McCrackin - V.P., Public Affairs

Vicki Anderson - A.V.P., Miami Branch
Lois Berthaume - V.P., Supervision and Regulation
Anne DeBeer - Sr. V.P., Accounting/Automation
Lee Jones - A.V.P., Nashville Branch
B. Frank King - V.P. and Assoc. Director of Research
Tony Love - A.V.P., Atlanta Branch
James McKee - V.P. Atlanta Branch
Larry Schulz - A.V.P., Statistical Reports
Clifford Stanford - Associate Counsel, Legal
Patricia Van de Graaf - A.V.P., New Orleans Branch

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