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Community Development

Partners in Community and Economic Development Newsletter

Winter 1995, Volume 5, Number 4

Table of Contents

Industrial Development Bonds
Andrea Guay
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A Practical Side to Fair Lending
Courtney Dufries
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Creative Financing Technique Provides Targeted Development Funds: Tax increment financing can help revitalize communities
Hank Helton
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Creating Big Opportunities for Small-Scale Enterprises
Jennifer Grier
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News You Can Use: TVA Business Loans Available
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Consumer Concerns: Consumers are not always aware that some bank products, such as mutual funds, are not insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. To help educate consumers and ensure that financial institutions provide clear and accurate information on mutual fund products, the Federal Reserve System has established a series of free educational tools and programs now available. Some of these items are presented below.
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Video Available -- Mutual Funds: Understand the Risks. A complimentary copy of this video is available by writing to the Public Affairs Department, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, P.O. Box 291, Minneapolis, MN 55480-9985.

Consumer Education Packet -- Mutual Funds: Understand the Risks. A complimentary copy of this consumer education resource packet is available by writing to the Consumer Policies Section. Consumer & Community Affairs, Mail Stop 800, Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, Washington, DC 20551-0001.

Training for Financial Institutions -- An educational program for financial institutions, Mutual Funds, Annuities and Other Uninsured Investment Products, is available to compliance personnel and others involved in selling uninsured investment products at financial institutions. If interested, call Mary McGuire, Senior Examiner, Division of Supervision and Regulation, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, at (404) 498-7379.

Consumer Group Presentations -- Federal Reserve Bank staff have presented the consumer program to AARP chapters and other groups around the country. If your consumer group is interested in a presentation of "Mutual Funds: Understand the Risks," by Federal Reserve Staff, please contact Linda Garland, Examiner, Consumer Affairs section, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, at (404) 498-7239.

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