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Community Development

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in community and economic development
Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
Volume 6, Number 3 Fall 1996
In This Issue

The Benefits of Electronic Benefits

Using Partners with First Time Buyer Programs
Partners software is reviewed by a technical assistance specialist from the Florida Housing Coalition

Automated Underwriting in the Financial Services Industry Today
Automated underwriting and its burgeoning use is discussed.

Smart Cards Have Arrived
"Smart" cash cards made their debut in the United States with the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games and it looks as if they are here to stay.


About this issue

Technology Advances Create Challenges

Without a doubt, the technology revolution taking place today has significant implications for community development practitioners and financial institutions. Computers in particular have allowed greater efficiencies and often better techniques for everything from lending procedures to payment delivery systems.

Automated loan underwriting, frequently called credit scoring, provides new opportunities and raises new issues for underwriting, pricing, marketing, and collection efforts. New software developed by the Federal Reserve Bank to increase lending opportunities and improve leveraging techniques has been widely distributed. And Smart Cards provide new opportunities for payment delivery systems. All are featured in this newsletter. Our cover story addresses new electronic delivery systems for social programs that could save over $141 million a year. Electronic Benefit Transfer Systems affect everything from food stamps to AFDC benefits.

Keeping up with new technology is a challenge. We hope you find this issue of Partners helpful in your quest to keep up.