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Community Development

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July/August 2013


Holistic Approach to Economic and Community Development

Call for Essays on Rural Topics

Connecting Communities Session August 13

Innovative Approaches to Workforce Development

Housing, Human Capital, and Inequality Policy Summit

National Conference for Affordable Housing Practitioners



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  Editor's Note: This publication is posted on a rolling bi-monthly schedule.
Updated August 26, 2013
community development Solving the Revitalization Puzzle? Putting the Pieces Together
8/26/2013 - Some economic development efforts have expanded beyond traditional strategies to address a more comprehensive set of issues, including neighborhood revitalization. In a new Economic Development podcast, Shirley Franklin, CEO of Purpose Built Communities and former Atlanta mayor, discusses an approach that encompasses many stakeholders and yields beneficial community results.
country town Rural Essays Project Call for Submissions
8/12/2013 - The St. Louis Fed seeks essays for a book on life in rural communities. Smaller Places: Exploring Innovation in Rural America will highlight the positive contributions that residents of rural communities make. The submission deadline is September 15.
doctor and patient Community Development and Health: Join Call-in Session August 13
8/1/2013 - Interested in exploring the intersection of community development and health? This session will offer several examples of successful partnerships between the community development and health sectors. Register for this interactive session.
labor Aligning Regional Workforce Efforts: An Effective Industry-Informed Strategy
7/29/2013 - Regional collaboration can be an effective approach in responding to labor demands of local employers. In this Economic Development podcast, Laura Chandler of the Southwest Alabama Workforce Development Council and Sam Covert of the Mobile Area Educational Foundation discuss how robust coordination among local workforce development players leads to more successful management of industry partnerships.
conference Register Today for the 2013 Policy Summit in Cleveland
7/26/2013 - The Cleveland and Philadelphia Fed will cohost the Policy Summit on Housing, Human Capital, and Inequality on September 19–20. This year's focus is on regulations and how they work as tools for policy implementation. Plan to attend this important event!
conference Plan to Attend National Housing Conference in September
7/24/2013 - The premier national housing conference on state and local affordable housing policy will be held in Atlanta September 16–18. Visit the conference website for more information on the agenda and workshops and to register.