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Community Development

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September/October 2013


Workers' Perspectives on Jobs and the Future

Factors That Support Community Resilience

Locally Based Entrepreneurship

Call for Research Papers

Community Indicators Project: Consumer Credit

Jobs for Low-Income and Minority Populations



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  Editor's Note: This publication is posted on a rolling bi-monthly schedule.
Updated October 28, 2013
jobs line What Workers Really Think: Perspectives from the Front Lines
10/28/2013 - Attracting and retaining workers is vital to the success of employers and communities. Carl Van Horn of Rutgers University's Heldrich Center for Workforce Development discusses the center's research on U.S. workers' perspectives on employment conditions and the future of the workplace in this podcast.
hurricane Social Ties, Space, and Community Resilience to Disasters
10/21/2013 - In two recent papers, an Atlanta Fed analyst explores some of the factors that contribute to community resilience to natural disasters—particularly the role of strong social networks.
young person finances The Impact of Locally Owned Businesses on Local Economic Well-Being
10/21/2013 - Is a pro-local business approach the key to economic development? An Atlanta Fed economist looks at the evidence and offers insights to policymakers and practitioners in a recent paper.
young person finances Call for Papers: Research Symposium on Younger Americans
10/10/2013 - The St. Louis Fed seeks papers for its second annual research symposium. The conference focuses on the challenges younger Americans face in building healthy balance sheets and achieving economic stability; abstracts are due December 4.
chart Access to Consumer Credit in the Southeast: Results of the Community Indicators Project
10/2/2013 - Well-functioning credit markets are vital to support a healthy economy. Using survey results and listening sessions, the Atlanta Fed's Community Indicators Project examines consumers' access to credit in the Southeast, particularly in low- and moderate-income households.
jobs Equity-Driven Expansion: A Unique Model for Economic Development
9/30/2013 - Large-scale economic development strategies can help facilitate job opportunities for low-income and minority populations. Victor Rubin and Sarah Treuhaft at PolicyLink discuss their proposal that infuses economic inclusion into these strategies as part of the "Big Ideas for Job Creation" project.