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May/June 2014


Cross-Sector Partnerships Help Small Cities

Connecting Communities Call-In Session July 10

Innovation in Community Development

Small Biz Survey Results

Metrics for Performance

Collective Impact in Appalachia

Gentrification Fix through Property Taxes?

A Workforce Development Model



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  Editor's Note: This publication is posted on a rolling bi-monthly schedule.
Updated June 30, 2014
community development Competition to Incentivize Community Change: Working Cities Challenge
6/30/2014 - The Working Cities Challenge seeks to spur collaborative leadership in Massachusetts's smaller cities and help improve low-income residents' quality of life. Prabal Chakrabarti, at the Boston Fed, and Jessica Andors, at Lawrence Community Works, discuss the initiative.
community development Take In-Depth Look at the Fed's Community Development Work
6/30/2014 - What are the latest trends in community development? This call-in session will introduce, which hosts digital resources from the 12 Federal Reserve Banks and the Board of Governors.
innovation conference Conference Will Share Innovative Practices in Community Development
6/23/2014 - Plan to attend the Shift Innovation Conference this September, hosted by the Kansas City Fed. Sessions will focus on using technology to connect with underserved communities, cultivating entrepreneurship and small business, and enhancing community leadership.
affordable housing A Fresh Look at Small Business Conditions
6/2/2014 - Some 60 percent of small firms got most or all of the credit they applied for, a significant improvement over last year, according to the Atlanta Fed's first-quarter Small Business Survey. Here's a look at the survey results.
progress tracking Measuring What Matters: Tracking Success in Economic Development
5/27/2014 - How can economic development practitioners best measure and track their strategies' outcomes? Tim Chase, of the Greater Wichita Economic Development Coalition, and Swati Ghosh, of the International Economic Development Council, discuss their research findings on assessing success.
affordable housing The Power of Collective Impact
5/21/2014 - The economic and social challenges that affect the geographically large, diverse Appalachia region are too complex for an individual organization to address. Over 200 local and regional funding entities have formed the Appalachia Funders Network to make a greater impact.
affordable housing Limiting Property Tax Assessments to Slow Gentrification
5/15/2014 - Though some cities plan to reduce or freeze property tax assessments for long-time homeowners, a recent Atlanta Fed blog suggests that property taxes are not a significant driver of neighborhood change.
workforce Best Practices in Workforce Development
5/8/2014 - Strong, well-functioning linkages between employers and a pipeline of local workers can be difficult to establish. The Southwest Alabama Workforce Development Council exemplifies how collaborative regional partnerships can facilitate career pathways for local workers and also address industry's workforce needs.