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Atlanta Fed Working Papers

The Research Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta publishes a working paper series to convey the research of staff economists and visiting scholars and stimulate professional discussion and exploration of economic and financial subjects.


Undocumented Worker Employment and Firm Survivability
J. David Brown, Julie L. Hotchkiss, and Myriam Quispe-Agnoli
Working Paper 2008-28 (December)

Bank Capital Ratios across Countries: Why Do They Vary?
Elijah Brewer III, George G. Kaufman, and Larry D. Wall
Working Paper 2008-27 (December)
Published in Journal of Financial Services Research, December 2008

Determinants of Domestic and Cross-Border Bank Acquisitions in the European Union
Ignacio Hernando, María J. Nieto, and Larry D. Wall
Working Paper 2008-26 (December)
Published in Journal of Banking and Finance, June 2009

Immigration, Remittances, and Business Cycles
Federico S. Mandelman and Andrei Zlate
Working Paper 2008-25b (Revised February 2012)

Elimination of Gender-Related Employment Disparities through Statistical Process Control
Mary E. Graham and Julie L. Hotchkiss
Working Paper 2008-24 (October)

Minimal State Variable Solutions to Markov-Switching Rational Expectations Models
Roger E.A. Farmer, Daniel F. Waggoner, and Tao Zha
Working Paper 2008-23a (Revised September 2010)

Data Breaches and Identity Theft
William Roberds and Stacey L. Schreft
Working Paper 2008-22 (September)
Published in Journal of Monetary Economics, October 2009

Returns to Investors in Stocks in New Industries
Gerald P. Dwyer Jr. and Cora Barnhart
Working Paper 2008-21 (September)

Learning, Adaptive Expectations, and Technology Shocks
Kevin X.D. Huang, Zheng Liu, and Tao Zha
Working Paper 2008-20 (September)
Published in Economic Journal, March 2009

Generalizing the Taylor Principle: Comment
Roger E.A. Farmer, Daniel F. Waggoner, and Tao Zha
Working Paper 2008-19 (September)
Published in American Economic Review, March 2010

Structural Vector Autoregressions: Theory of Identification and Algorithms for Inference
Juan F. Rubio-Ramírez, Daniel F.Waggoner, and Tao Zha
Working Paper 2008-18 (September)

Firm Entry and Labor Market Dynamics
Enchuan Shao and Pedro Silos
Working Paper 2008-17 (August)

Exchange Rates and Fundamentals: A Generalization
James M. Nason and John H. Rogers
Working Paper 2008-16 (June)

Bayesian Semiparametric Stochastic Volatility Modeling
Mark J. Jensen and John M. Maheu
Working Paper 2008-15 (June)

Financial and Real Integration
Scott L. Baier and Gerald P. Dwyer Jr.
Working Paper 2008-14 (May)

Issues in Central Bank Finance and Independence
Peter Stella and Åke Lonnberg
Working Paper 2008-13 (May)

Remittances, Exchange Rate Regimes, and the Dutch Disease: A Panel Data Analysis
Emmanuel K.K. Lartey, Federico S. Mandelman, and Pablo A. Acosta
Working Paper 2008-12 (March)
Published in Journal of International Economics, September 2009

Productivity, Energy Prices, and the Great Moderation: A New Link
Rajeev Dhawan, Karsten Jeske, and Pedro Silos
Working Paper 2008-11 (March)

Technology Shocks, Employment, and Labor Market Frictions
Federico S. Mandelman and Francesco Zanetti
Working Paper 2008-10 (February)

The Exact Distribution of the Hansen-Jagannathan Bound
Raymond Kan and Cesare Robotti
Working Paper 2008-9 (February)

Working with Children? The Probability of Mothers Exiting the Workforce at Time of Birth
Julie L. Hotchkiss, M. Melinda Pitts, and Mary Beth Walker
Working Paper 2008-8 (February)

The Labor Market Experience and Impact of Undocumented Workers
Julie L. Hotchkiss and Myriam Quispe-Agnoli
Working Paper 2008-7c (Revised June)

The Tax Treatment of Homeowners and Landlords and the Progressivity of Income Taxation
Matthew Chambers, Carlos Garriga, and Don Schlagenhauf
Working Paper 2008-6 (February)

On Policy Interactions among Nations: When Do Cooperation and Commitment Matter?
Hubert Kempf and Leopold von Thadden
Working Paper 2008-5 (February)

Comments on Piazzesi and Schneider's "Bond Positions, Expectations, and the Yield Curve"
Jon Faust
Working Paper 2008-4 (February)

Comments on Jeske and Krueger's "Housing and the Macroeconomy: The Role of Implicit Guarantees for Government Sponsored Enterprises"
Brian Peterson
Working Paper 2008-3 (February)

Bond Positions, Expectations, and the Yield Curve
Monika Piazzesi and Martin Schneider
Working Paper 2008-2 (January)

Great Moderations and U.S. Interest Rates: Unconditional Evidence
James M. Nason and Gregor W. Smith
Working Paper 2008-1a (Revised May)

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