Center for Real Estate Analytics

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Center for Real Estate Analytics

The Center for Real Estate Analytics brings together subject experts and numerous data sources to provide useful information to our constituents—consumers, banks, academia, organizations and government—on myriad subjects related to real estate, finance, and the economy. Housed at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, this site provides information and research to highlight and define real estate activity within the FRB Atlanta district and the national landscape.


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Keeping on an Even Keel

Business contacts report overall economic conditions continue to improve gradually. Regional manufacturing stayed in expansionary territory, but retail and real estate were more mixed this summer, notes Southeastern Insights.

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The Economic Effects of Urban Renewal

In 1964, President Lyndon B. Johnson declared the "War on Poverty." Ensuing efforts included various urban renewal policies. A recent paper takes a quantitative approach to evaluating the economic effects of these policies, and Real Estate Research looks at its methodology.


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