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Highlights of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors and presidential speeches concerning real estate.

Board of Governors

Duke, Elizabeth A. "Rebalancing the Housing Market." Federal Reserve Board Policy Forum: "The Housing Market Going Forward: Lessons Learned from the Recent Crisis," Washington, D.C. (September 1, 2011).

Yellen, Janet L. "Housing Market Developments and Their Effects on Low- and Moderate-Income Neighborhoods." Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Policy Summit (June 9, 2011).

Duke, Elizabeth A. "Fostering Innovation in Community Development Finance." 2011 Exploring Innovation Conference on Community Development Finance, St. Louis, Mo. (May 10, 2011).

Bernanke, Ben S. "Community Development in Challenging Times." 2011 Federal Reserve Community Affairs Research Conference, Arlington, Va. (April 29, 2011).

Duke, Elizabeth A. "Community Voices: Promising Practices for Neighborhood Stabilization." 2011 Federal Reserve Community Affairs Research Conference, Arlington, Va. (April 28, 2011).

Raskin, Sarah Bloom. "Putting the Low Road Behind Us." 2011 Midwinter Housing Finance Conference, Park City, Utah (February 11, 2011).

Atlanta Fed President

Lockhart, Dennis. "Real Estate and the Economic Recovery." The National Funding Association Council for Quality Growth, Atlanta, Ga. (May 11, 2011).

Lockhart, Dennis. "Economic Recovery, Small Business, and the Challenge of Commercial Real Estate." The Urban Land Institute, Emerging Trends in Real Estate Conference, Atlanta, Ga. (November 10, 2009).

Lockhart, Dennis. "On Real Estate and Other Risks to the Economic Outlook." The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce, Miami, Fla. (March 4, 2009).

Lockhart, Dennis. "Thoughts on the Subprime Mortgage Crisis." The Atlanta Commerce Club, Panel Discussion Titled "The Subprime Crisis: Is It Contagious?" Atlanta, Ga. (February 29, 2008).