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Regional Economic Information Network (REIN)

REIN Information
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The Regional Economic Information Network (REIN) generates economic intelligence from a variety of sources in the Southeast to support the Federal Reserve's formulation and implementation of sound monetary policy. REIN also enhances the Atlanta Fed's public service mission through region-wide outreach and communication. Read more…


Image for Southeast Commercial Construction Update: Activity Up from Last Year

Southeast Commercial Construction Update: Activity Up from Last Year

Commercial construction has been a bright spot in the region's economy, following years of postrecession sluggishness. How does the Southeast's level of activity compare with the nation's? A new SouthPoint post talked to industry insiders to take the pulse.

Image for The View from South Florida

The View from South Florida

Following a protracted struggle to rebound from the recession, South Florida appears to be getting on its feet. A new SouthPoint post pops in to the peninsula to talk to business contacts there and take the pulse of current economic conditions.


Americas Center

Promoting the Federal Reserve's collaboration and coordination with Latin American, Caribbean, and Spanish financial institutions and markets

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Need to focus on key regional economic topics? Researchers blog about issues, industries, and trends.

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