Regional Economics Information

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Tropical Storms & Hurricanes

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta's Research Department produces updates on the impact of recent tropical cyclone activity on the Gulf of Mexico and the coastal area's energy sector. These reports are developed from a variety of publicly available resources and are updated as events dictate.

Sixth District Energy 2008 Updates
Sept. 25
Sept. 22
Sept. 16
Sept. 15
Sept. 11
Sept. 9
Sept. 8
Sept. 5
Sept. 4
Sept. 3

Hurricane Katrina
Katrina Update, EconSouth, First Quarter 2006
Katrina Update: One Year After, EconSouth, Third Quarter 2006
The Gulf Coast: Two Years After Katrina, Southeastern Economic Perspectives podcast, July 2007
Partners newsletter articles, Vol. 15, No. 3, 2005