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Research & the Economy

Key Issues Fuel Discussion of Energy

The prospects for the energy sector—a mainstay of the southeastern economy—are bright, but it also faces significant challenges in the short and long term. A new SouthPoint post summarizes a recent discussion of a sector that touches the lives of everyone.

How We Pay: Results from the Federal Reserve’s Latest Payments Study

Changes in technology have affected not only how people live and work, they have also affected how individuals and businesses pay for goods and services. The Federal Reserve's most recent triennial study of the payments system highlights a number of shifts in this dynamic arena.

The State of Unemployment: How Many Jobs Does It Take?

The state Jobs Calculator is up to date with March data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Find out how many jobs it takes to reach a target unemployment rate in your state.

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Regional Data

Alabama Payroll Employment

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Florida Payroll Employment

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Georgia Payroll Employment

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Louisiana Payroll Employment

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Mississippi Payroll Employment

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Tennessee Payroll Employment

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Center for Human Capital Studies

Monitor labor market developments with tools such as the Jobs Calculator and the labor market spider chart, and stay up on the latest research on employment and workforce development with the Human Capital Compendium.

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Everyone has an opinion about the economy. See what our experts think.

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Listen up! In interviews and speeches, experts discuss today's topics in the economy, banking, finance, and more.

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Need to focus on key regional economic topics? Researchers blog about issues, industries, and trends.

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