Retail Payments Risk Forum

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Retail Payments Risk Forum

The Retail Payments Risk Forum works with financial institutions and industry participants, regulators, and law enforcement officials to research issues and sponsor dialogue to help promote the mitigation of risks in paper, plastic, and digital payments.


Image for Where’s the Mobile Payment?

Where’s the Mobile Payment?

Why aren't we hearing more from financial institutions about mobile payments and mobile wallets? Portals and Rails wonders if there just isn't a driving consumer need for the mobile proximity payment.

Image for How Much Will Chip-Card Technology Affect ATM Owners?

How Much Will Chip-Card Technology Affect ATM Owners?

Independent ATM owners are facing the potentially steep costs of upgrading their machines to accommodate the impending migration to chip-embedded cards during a time when revenues are shrinking. Portals and Rails investigates.


Portals & Rails

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Americas Center

Promoting the Federal Reserve's collaboration and coordination with Latin American, Caribbean, and Spanish financial institutions and markets

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