Retail Payments Risk Forum

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Retail Payments Risk Forum

The Retail Payments Risk Forum works with financial institutions and industry participants, regulators, and law enforcement officials to research issues and sponsor dialogue to help promote the mitigation of risks in paper, plastic, and digital payments.


Image for New ACH Return Rate Threshold on the Horizon

New ACH Return Rate Threshold on the Horizon

Unauthorized transactions are unpleasant and costly both for the financial institutions that receive them and the customers whose accounts are hit. A recently approved rule will reduce the acceptable threshold for unauthorized debit return rates. Portals and Rails explains.

Image for Let’s Talk Token: Authenticating Payments

Let’s Talk Token: Authenticating Payments

Here's a token of As the United States gradually moves to chip cards, the payments industry considers new ways to authenticate transactions. This Portals and Rails post is the first in a series that looks at tokenization.


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