Retail Payments Risk Forum

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Retail Payments Risk Forum

The Retail Payments Risk Forum works with financial institutions and industry participants, regulators, and law enforcement officials to research issues and sponsor dialogue to help promote the mitigation of risks in paper, plastic, and digital payments.


Image for Forty Years and Still Scamming

Forty Years and Still Scamming

Americans lost a whopping $2.3 billion in 2013 to advance-fee fraud, more than any other nation's citizens. Portals and Rails looks at the history of this type of fraud—one type of 419, or Nigerian, fraud—and urges education.

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Crooks Target Business Clients

Fraudsters are always looking to steal a buck. Sometimes they e-mail businesses authentic-looking invoices, hoping the businesses will send money to an account valid only to the criminal. Portals and Rails offers tips to help businesses avoid being duped.


Portals & Rails

A blog dedicated to covering current issues in retail payments.

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Americas Center

Promoting the Federal Reserve's collaboration and coordination with Latin American, Caribbean, and Spanish financial institutions and markets

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