• Economics is more than the "dismal science." It’s full of terms, concepts, and people that are interesting and challenging. The new Economy Matters quiz tests your knowledge of some of them.
  • Economy Matters looks at Atlanta Fed economist Kris Gerardi's research in the housing market, before the housing crisis and now.
  • Economy Matters looks at how employers are addressing the shortage of qualified employees.
  • photograph of a MARTA train passing in front of a new housing development under construction
    Economy Matters considers the opportunities and challenges involved in using development around public transportation to increase housing affordability.
  • Michael Jackson, head of the nation's largest automotive dealer, talks about his career and his chairmanship of the Atlanta Fed's board of directors.
  • Money exchanged for house
    Should you rent or buy a home? Our tips show the pros and cons.
  • closeup photo showing a pair of miniature figures on top of a test form being filled out with a blue pencil
    The surveys are annual studies that examine the payment behavior of U.S. consumers.
  • Will mobile payments remain a hot topic? Take On Payments announces a webinar discussing the future of payments.
  • Board of Governors boardroom table viewed from the end
    The rule will restrict overall credit exposures between very large banks.
  • federal reserve board building exterior photographed from the sidewalk in front of the building at an angle from the right
    The Federal Open Market Committee said it will raise the target range for the fed funds rate to 1–3/4 to 2 percent.
  • Claims to the contrary, cash as a form of payment is still popular. Take On Payments explains why.
  • Take On Payments considers whether the EU's General Data Protection Regulation will spur similar legislation in the United States.

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