• Economy Matters examines research into the growing scarcity of housing affordable to people of limited means.
  • a pair of miniature figurines walking up an incline between two stacks of coins
    The latest Beige Book observes moderate economic growth, and Economy Matters summarizes the findings.
  • There are no easy explanations for income and opportunity inequality. Some top researchers recently visited the Atlanta Fed to discuss their work on the matter.
  • man seated at computer with terminal windows open copying information on back of credit card
    Learn how to protect your identity or recover it if it has been stolen.
  • Everyone is interested in what other people earn. The new Economy Matters quiz tests your knowledge of wages and how they've changed over time.
  • John Robertson, Financial Economist and Senior Adviser of the research department at the Atlanta Fed, during the recording of a podcast episode.
    A new episode of the Economy Matters podcast features an Atlanta Fed economist discussing his observations on recent trends in wage growth. podcast

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