• 2 people at a table facing each other with device screen between them-and one is reaching to other side
    Payments innovation gets faster, and cybercrime gets faster still. Read today's Take On Payments, the first of a three-part series sharing information on fraud trends and innovative mitigation strategies.
  • hands handing over money to thief and separately handing credit card to the right. money being handed off to the left by another hand.
    The pandemic has taken refund fraud to a new level, attracting the attention of the organized criminal element. Read Take On Payments for a discussion.
  • payment card pressed against phone screen adjacent to coffee mug presumably on a counter
    Read Take On Payments to learn how the Fed's payments study data line up nicely with anecdotal evidence.
  • This Economy Matters article analyzes the latest commercial real estate data for the U.S. Census Bureau’s West South Central (WSC) Census Division.
  • person loading disproportionately large branded credit cards between a car and a suitcase with an airplane taking off in the background
    Read Take On Payments to learn what data from the 2019 Federal Reserve Payments Study tell us about growth in businesses' use of credit cards.
  • phone between a man and woman with household necessities icons and money coming from behind the woman going toward the man
    The Atlanta Fed's Retail Payments Risk Forum decided to see if their own payments patterns have changed in response to the pandemic. Read Take On Payments to learn more.

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