• iris being scanned as if from the perspective of the scanning machine
    Join us for our next Talk About Payments webinar, when we discuss biometrics, its evolution, and the privacy and policy issues it raises.
  • bank columns linked to cloud with padlock that is then connected to a computer screen
    This project examines how benefits cliffs reduce the financial incentive for low-income individuals to enroll in training for a higher-paying job, work more hours, or advance in their career.
  • man with computer open while sorting checks or bills
    How do U.S. consumers pay their bills? Read the latest Research Data Report to learn why consumers pay their bills the way they do.
  • Economy Matters' "ViewPoint" looks at fintech's impact on mortgage lending in the Southeast.
  • Economy Matters looks at what bank examiners do to ensure that banks adhere to relevant laws in a fast-changing environment.
  • Economy Matters summarizes the Atlanta Fed’s Home Ownership Affordability Monitor, which discusses factors influencing national and regional home affordability.
  • Raphael Bostic sitting in front of a bookcase.
    Atlanta Fed president Raphael Bostic recently spoke to the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association about how the economic recovery benefits some parts of the economy much less than others. Read the speech.
  • The State of Alabama and the Atlanta Fed have launched a tool designed to help Alabamians achieve rewarding careers.
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta's golden seal
    On February 26, 2020, supervised banks and fintechs can speak with Fed staff about banking innovation.
  • photograph of a person holding a mobile phone over a credit card reader while working on a laptop
    Alex Romeo has been named vice president over the Retail Payments Office's strategic business services.
  • Logo for Racism and the Economy webinar
    On October 7, the Federal Reserve Banks of Atlanta, Minneapolis, and Boston kicked off a virtual event series that examined racial disparities in economic outcomes.
  • Atlanta Fed president Raphael Bostic discusses in a keynote speech how the fields of economics and finance must confront the ways our systems perpetuate racial inequalities.

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