• two anthropomorphized checks, one in front of the other, the one in foreground holding pen
    Checks are still alive and kicking, according to the new Check Sample Survey report. Read Take On Payments for highlights.
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta's golden seal
    On February 26, 2020, supervised banks and fintechs can speak with Fed staff about banking innovation.
  • illustration of coins falling into an open hand, a mobile phone and credit cards, and an ATM machine
    U.S. consumers made more than half of their payments in 2019 with cards. For details, read the Atlanta Fed's 2019 Diary of Consumer Payment Choice.
  • Economy Matters' "ViewPoint" looks at fintech's impact on mortgage lending in the Southeast.
  • Economy Matters looks at what bank examiners do to ensure that banks adhere to relevant laws in a fast-changing environment.
  • Cynthia Goodwin, a vice president in the Atlanta Fed's Supervision, Regulation, and Credit division, during the recording of a podcast episode.
    Cynthia Goodwin of the Atlanta Fed's Supervision, Regulation, and Credit division discusses 2018 in banking in a podcast.
  • Outsmart the scammers and keep your money safe during the pandemic.
  • Our tips provide information about tax relief and associated assistance programs during the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Engage your children with free online resources from the Federal Reserve.
  • See our tips in Economy Matters about resources for people facing financial challenges.
  • photo illustration of a pile of colored question mark-shaped blocks
    Get a financial tip in Economy Matters about financial resources to address these uncertain times.
  • photograph of a 100-dollar bill bound with chains and a padlock
    Learn how to keep your finances safe from identity theft and fraud.

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