Who We Are


Chapelle Davis
Vice President, Chief Diversity Officer, and OMWI Director

Karen Clayton
Assistant Vice President, EEO Officer, and Deputy Diversity Officer

Stacye McCall
Staff Director

Kamisha Brown
Lead Business Analyst

Rhonda Manning
Senior Executive Assistant

The Executive Council on Diversity and Inclusion (ECDI)

The ECDI, established December 2015, is responsible for the Bank's overarching diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategy and ensures senior leadership support of D&I implementation across the District. The ECDI partners with OMWI to drive strategy and bring greater understanding, accountability, and integration of D&I efforts across the organization. Reporting to the Management Committee, the ECDI is chaired by the Atlanta Fed's first vice president and made up of senior executive bank leaders, the Diversity Advisory Council chair, and two rotational positions. The chief diversity officer is deputy chair.