Lee Jones

Lee Jones is regional executive and senior officer of the Nashville Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. He is responsible for the Branch's board of directors, oversees the Nashville Branch's economic and financial education programs, and provides regional input into the Atlanta Fed's monetary policy process.

Jones's primary role is being the "face of the Federal Reserve" in the region served by the Branch, which consists of Middle and East Tennessee and Northwest Georgia. In this role, he generates economic intelligence from a variety of sources and contacts to support the Federal Reserve's formulation and implementation of sound monetary policy. Jones is also instrumental in fulfilling the Atlanta Fed's public service mission through region-wide outreach and communication.

Other activities that Jones manages in support of the Fed's monetary policy mission include managing the Nashville Branch's seven-member board of directors, who meet in advance of each meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee to provide updates on economic conditions in the region. Jones and others on his team are also actively involved in outreach activities to promote economic education and financial literacy in schools and communities throughout the region.

Jones began his career with the Fed in 1980 at the Atlanta Fed's headquarters in Atlanta. Since then, he has held a variety of positions at the Atlanta Fed's branches in Jacksonville, Florida; Nashville, Tennessee; and Birmingham, Alabama. In April 2008, Jones returned to Nashville to assume his current responsibilities. Before joining the Atlanta Fed, he held positions at Payment Systems Inc. in Atlanta and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in Washington, D.C.

Jones earned a bachelor of science degree in mass communications and a master of arts degree in economics from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. He also completed the Advanced Management Program at Emory University. He served in the United States Army from 1970 to 1973, including a tour of duty in the Republic of Vietnam.