Retail Payments Office of the Federal Reserve System

Atlanta, with additional staff located at the Federal Reserve Banks of Boston, Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Richmond, and San Francisco

André Anderson, First Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Cheryl Venable, Executive Vice President and RPO Product Manager

Technology Services

Denise Connor, Senior Vice President, FRB Kansas City
Renu Mehra, Vice President, FRB Kansas City
Brosie Strada, Vice President, FRB Kansas City
Kevin Jansen, Vice President
Cindy Rasche, Vice President
Tom Schaadt, Assistant Vice President, FRB Cleveland
Danny Oursbourn, Assistant Vice President, FRB Dallas
Ginger Wise, Assistant Vice President, FRB Kansas City
Sean Foley, Assistant Vice President, FRB Kansas City
Randy Mueller, Assistant Vice President, FRB Kansas City
Jas Rao, Assistant Vice President

Payment Processing, Customer Support, and Financial Management

Charlie Weems, Senior Vice President
Tony Stallings, Vice President
Deborah Young, Assistant Vice President
Reggie Chever, Assistant Vice President
Jeff Schiele, Assistant Vice President

Product and Revenue Management and Strategic Business Relations

Keith Melton, Senior Vice President
Nell Campbell-Drake, Vice President
Dan Baum, Vice President
Jessie Bitetti, Assistant Vice President
Mike Williams, Assistant Vice President

Enterprise Services

Blake Lyons, Senior Vice President
Kelly Bernard, Vice President
Chris Alexander, Vice President
Dana Keeley, Assistant Vice President
Michael Duren, Assistant Vice President