A Look Back...25 Years at the Atlanta Fed

A Look Back...25 Years at the Atlanta FedThe world has changed dramatically over the past 25 years, and the Atlanta Fed has changed along with it.

In 1989, the Atlanta Fed reflected on its first 75 years as one of the 12 Federal Reserve Banks in A History of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta: 1914–1989. Now, as the Bank commemorates its centennial year, what better time to take stock of the Atlanta Fed's journey through the modern era?

Through a series of short essays, photos, video clips, as well as charts and graphs, The Atlanta Fed in the Modern Era chronicles the Bank's evolution from 1989 to 2014, a period marked by dramatic changes in the banking and regulatory landscape, financial crises and recessions, and advancing technology.

The last two and a half decades have also witnessed a series of significant milestones for the Atlanta Fed, including leadership transitions, the move from downtown Atlanta to Midtown, and the Bank's role in stabilizing the regional economy in the wake of natural and manmade disasters.

Join us in looking back at the last 25 years and in the process, learn more about the important role the Atlanta Fed plays in the Southeast economy.