Isaac Update

Last updated 10:00 a.m. ET 9/4/12

Isaac Update

Information will be updated as conditions change

The New Orleans Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta is scheduled to be open for normal operations Friday as conditions continue to improve in the area following Hurricane Isaac.


If your normal ordering channels are unavailable, please use the following contact numbers to place an order: 877-553-9735 or 404-498-8711. In the event that you have an emergency need regarding cash and are unable to reach us using the numbers above, call 504-593-3227, 404-406-9415 (Cash Director Denise Jefferson), or 404-406-9028 (Cash Manager Duke Bruno).

Additionally, cross-shipping waivers are being issued for the New Orleans, Miami, Jacksonville, and Central Florida zones for the weeks of August 20 and August 27 to facilitate currency ordering activity in preparation for Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac.