Atlanta Fed Publishes Its First Online-Only Annual Report

Atlanta Fed Publishes Its First Online-Only Annual Report

2011 Annual Report logoThe Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta has published its first online-only annual report, a sleek, interactive package of text, videos, and graphics describing four forces that shaped the economy during 2011.

Content readable on an array of devices
The report is accessible via iPad, iPhone, tablet, and desktop or laptop computers. For several years, the Atlanta Fed has produced annual reports both online and in print. Compared with a hard-copy publication, the exclusively electronic 2011 report supports the Bank's sustainability initiative, reaches a wider audience, and allows for an array of interactive features that give readers a richer experience, said Lynne Anservitz, the Bank's strategic publishing director.

"This annual report is richer and more engaging than any we've produced before," Anservitz said. "We hope users find it interesting and informative."

Videos, graphics, and more
The annual report features eight videos showcasing senior Atlanta Fed executives, more than a dozen charts that readers can tailor to suit their specific interests—by showing only data for a particular southeastern state, for example—dozens of related links to more detailed information, and pop-ups that define key terms as the reader mouses over them.

Those features are designed to give readers a substantial yet concise, plain-English exploration of four forces that shaped the economy in 2011: economic adjustment and adaptation, the labor market, widespread uncertainty, and monetary policy.

"This annual report will look at these four forces individually and examine how they influenced the economy in 2011 and also positioned the economy for 2012," Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart said.

July 24, 2012