Atlanta Fed Report Examines Critical Question: Where Are the Jobs?

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta published its 2013 annual report on March 17. It is the Bank's third online-only annual, yet it breaks ground in many ways.

The report features a sleek design, crisp video, and more engaging interactive graphics than its predecessors. It is also the Atlanta Fed's first online product that automatically adjusts to fit different Internet browsers and devices such as tablets, smartphones, and laptops. The report is an accessible yet substantial exploration of one of the most pressing economic issues of the day: Where Are the Jobs?

"It is the essential question of monetary policy at the moment: why is the labor market not recovering more quickly?" said Robin Ratliff, assistant vice president in the Atlanta Fed's Public Affairs Department.

Deeper hole and a slower recovery
Indeed, for most Americans, employment is the central element of our ongoing economic recovery. "Since the end of the worst recession in the post–World War II era, jobs in the nation and the Southeast have been growing more slowly than in earlier recoveries," Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart says in a video introduction to the report.

The report guides readers through the complex issues at work in the nation's labor market. For example, the report delves beneath the official unemployment rate to examine other factors such as labor force participation and job market polarization that combine to present a more thorough picture of the labor market.

And if you want more information about something just read, related links throughout the report lead to more research and data.

The report also highlights the Atlanta Fed's major accomplishments in 2013 and introduces readers to the Reserve Bank's management, boards of directors, and advisory councils.

March 21, 2014