First Quarter, Volume 21, Number 1

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Vol. 21, No. 1,
First Quarter 2008


Economic Education Is Atlanta Fed Programs' Goal

Fed Chief Discusses Mortgage Market Solutions

Atlanta Fed Hosts Conference on Remittances

New $5 Bill Includes Enhanced Security

Fed Governor Talks About Inflation, Growth

Atlanta Fed President Discusses Credit Markets

Survey: Lending Standards Tightening

Fed Governor Kroszner Discusses Mortgage Issues

New Atlanta Fed Directors Named

Crisis Preparedness Video Available From Atlanta Fed

Reserve Banks Transfer Money to U.S. Treasury

Atlanta Fed Chief Discusses 2008 Economy


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Updated March 25, 2008
students and teacher Economic and Financial Education a Key Goal for Atlanta Fed
3/25/2008 - Consumers face challenges in making informed choices and managing their finances effectively. In response, the Atlanta Fed offers an array of economic and financial education programs, including teacher training.

Ben Bernanke Fed Chief Speaks About Mortgage Ills, Solutions
3/25/2008 - Earlier this month, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke discussed the roots of problems in the nation's mortgage market along with measures that could reduce foreclosures.

global map graphic Conference Explores Remittances' Economic Effects
3/24/2008 - The Atlanta Fed hosted a conference to study the economic effects of remittances sent from immigrants in the United States to their native countries. A fast-growing source of income for some countries, remittances are coming under greater scrutiny from researchers.

5 dollar bill Redesigned $5 Bill Enters Circulation
3/24/2008 - The $5 bill has received a new look and entered circulation on March 13. The redesign includes a number of features that are less obvious but will increase its security.

Frederic Mishkin Fed Governor Talks About Inflation, Growth
3/12/2008 - Federal Reserve Board Gov. Frederic S. Mishkin spoke recently about the role of monetary policy in stabilizing inflation and fostering economic growth.

Dennis Lockhart Atlanta Fed President Discusses Credit Market Instability
2/27/2008 - Recent turmoil in U.S. credit markets and its context within international financial markets were the subjects of two recent speeches by Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart.

Fed survey graphic Fed Survey Shows Tightening Bank Lending Standards
2/27/2008 - Lending standards and terms for a range of loan types tightened during the fourth quarter of 2007 at both domestic and foreign banks, according to a recent Fed survey of banks' loan officers.

Governor Kroszner Fed Seeks to Mitigate Foreclosures, Says Fed Governor Kroszner
2/25/2008 - Federal Reserve Governor Randall S. Kroszner recently spoke about the importance of promptly addressing problems in the residential mortgage market to protect homeowners, communities, and general economic health.

Fed Board Room Atlanta Fed and Branches Announce New Directors
1/30/2008 - The Atlanta Fed and its branches have announced their new directors. Among them, Larkin Martin has been appointed chairman of the Atlanta Fed's board of directors, and Scott Davis has been appointed its deputy chairman.

crisis preparedness graphic Free Crisis Preparedness Video Available From Atlanta Fed
1/25/2008 - To help financial institutions and first responders prepare for emergencies such as hurricanes, pandemics, and floods, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta has produced a video program.
Audio icon Podcast on crisis preparedness

US treasury building Reserve Banks Return More Than $34 Billion to Treasury
1/25/2008 - In 2007, the Federal Reserve System transferred more than $34 billion to the U.S. Treasury. This revenue represents most of the Reserve Banks' net income and came from a number of sources.

US treasury building Lockhart: Weak First Half of 2008 Followed by Improvement
1/25/2008 - In a recent speech, Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart said that economic uncertainty brings expectations of a weak first half of 2008—but one with gradual improvement beginning later in the year.