Fourth Quarter, Volume 20, Number 4

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Vol. 20, No.4,
Fourth Quarter 2007


Fed Proposes New Borrower Protections

Study: Electronic Payments Grow, Checks Decline

New Atlanta Fed DVD Advises Homeowners

Quick Takes

Rules Would Streamline Disputes of Inaccuracies

FOMC to Increase Economic Projections

Atlanta Fed Chief Sees Markets Calming in '08

New Program to Assist Minority-Owned Banks

Board Provides Tips for Protecting Checking Accounts

Fed Governor Kroszner Discusses Mortgage Practices

Atlanta Fed Chief Says Risk Has Moved to Slower Growth


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Updated December 21, 2007

realtor and couple at home sale Fed Proposes New Rules on Unfair Lending New article icon
12/21/2007 - The Federal Reserve Board is asking for public comment on proposed provisions aimed at protecting consumers from unfair or deceptive home mortgage lending and advertising practices.

document and magnifying glass Fed Study Shows Two-Thirds of Noncash Payments Electronic New article icon
12/21/2007 - The latest Federal Reserve study of noncash payments showed that more than two-thirds of all U.S noncash payments in 2006 were made electronically. The study also found that check use continues to fall.

photo of front door with lock Atlanta Fed Releases DVD on Foreclosure Prevention
11/13/2007 - The Atlanta Fed has produced a new DVD advising homeowners about how to prevent foreclosure. It features interviews with housing experts as well as homeowners who have experienced or narrowly avoided foreclosure.

Quick Takes
couple with credit report Agencies Issue Proposed Rules on Consumer Report Information
12/17/2007 - Federal regulatory agencies have approved proposed regulations and guidelines that would allow consumers to directly dispute inaccuracies with financial institutions and other entities that furnish information to consumer reporting agencies.

FRB boardroom FOMC to Produce More Economic Projections
11/29/2007 - The Federal Open Market Committee, the monetary policymaking arm of the Federal Reserve, recently announced that it will increase the frequency and expand the content of its economic projections.

Dennis Lockhart Turbulence Will Give Way to Improved Markets, Atlanta Fed President Says
11/20/2007 - Atlanta Fed President Dennis P. Lockhart believes the nation's economy will slow moderately over the coming quarters, picking up speed by late 2008 as the housing market recovers.

photo of a man talking to couple Federal Reserve Develops Training Program for Minority-Owned Banks
11/13/2007 - The Federal Reserve is developing a comprehensive training program for minority-owned banks that will be introduced in 2008, an undertaking that reflects the Fed’s experience in helping minority-owned institutions.

check and padlock Fed Board of Governors Provides Tips for Secure Checking Accounts
10/31/2007 - To help educate consumers about how to better protect their bank accounts, the Federal Reserve has published a set of precautions that can help safeguard checking accounts from fraud.

Randall Kroszner Fed Governor Kroszner Discusses Mortgage Practices With Congress
10/31/2007 - With housing markets still roiling, Federal Reserve Governor Randall S. Kroszner recently testified before lawmakers about ways to improve how subprime mortgages are made.

Dennis Lockhart Lockhart: Balance of Risk Has Shifted to Slower Growth
10/11/2007 - Recent volatility in financial markets shifted the balance of economic risks from higher inflation toward slower growth, Atlanta Fed President and Chief Executive Officer Dennis P. Lockhart said in a recent speech.