Fourth Quarter, Volume 21, Number 4

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Vol. 21, No. 4,
Fourth Quarter 2008


Atlanta Fed Chief Addresses Economy in 2009

Fed Chair Discusses Economic Policy Tools

Fed Creates New Facility, Extends Other Programs

Atlanta Fed's Lockhart Discusses Economy's Weakness

Agencies Issue Statement on Banks' Role

Atlanta Fed Examines Southeast Foreclosures

Fed Report Shows More Checks Go Electronic

Fed Chair Discusses Stabilization Measures

Recent Fed Actions Affect Bankers

New HMDA Data Show Market Changes

Agencies Issue Statement on Banks' Fannie, Freddie Exposure


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Updated December 18, 2008

photo of Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart Atlanta Fed President Says U.S. Economy Needs Rebounds in Housing, Confidence New article icon
12/18/2008 - As the recession heads into the new year, Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart said in a recent speech that once housing prices stabilize and consumer confidence rebounds, a recovery can begin to take effect.

photo of Fed Chief Ben Bernanke Fed Chair Addresses Fed Policies in Current Environment New article icon
12/18/2008 - The chairman of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, recently discussed turmoil in the economy. He described measures the Fed has taken to stabilize the economy and those that remain available to the central bank.

photo of hands exchanging cash Federal Reserve Introduces New Liquidity Facility, Extends Others New article icon
12/18/2008 - As part of its ongoing efforts to steer the U.S. economy through the current turbulence, the Federal Reserve has created a new facility to enhance market liquidity and extended the duration of three existing facilities.

photo of Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart Atlanta Fed Chief Describes Current Economic Weakness
11/25/2008 - In a recent speech, Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart said that he expects substantial economic weakness to extend into 2009, the unemployment rate will rise further, and inflation will moderate.

photo of lender and loan applicants Agencies Outline Expectations of Banks' Role in U.S. Economy
11/25/2008 - Several agencies with bank oversight responsibilities recently stated their expectation that banking organizations will fulfill their "fundamental role" in the economy as sources of credit to business, consumers, and other creditworthy borrowers.

foreclosed homes graphic Atlanta Fed Explores Southeast's Foreclosure Plight
11/25/2008 - A recent report from the Atlanta Fed's EconSouth magazine discussed the causes and repercussions of the foreclosure crisis from the Southeast's perspective and presents resources for affected homeowners.
Audio icon Podcast on foreclosure resources for homeowners (MP3 9:12)

photo of check being written Fed Report Says Paper Checks Increasingly Becoming Electronic
11/25/2008 - A recent Federal Reserve study shows that a greater share of paper checks are being converted into electronic payments and that the number of checks being written continues to decline.

photo of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke Bernanke Remarks Set Stage to Address Challenges
10/17/2008 - Fed Chair Ben Bernanke recently discussed challenges posed to the U.S. economy by the global financial crisis and measures the Federal Reserve and other organizations are taking to overcome them.

Federal Reserve actions update Recent Fed Actions Affect Financial Institutions
10/17/2008 - The Federal Reserve has taken a series of actions recently to stabilize the nation's financial markets and economy. Several of these actions are particularly important to financial institutions.

photo of house for sale New HMDA Data Show Decline in Mortgage Lending
10/17/2008 - New data released under the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, covering the mortgage lending transactions of 8,610 lenders across the nation, show a decline in activity in the overall mortgage market and in higher-priced lending.

photo of a bank sign Banking Agencies Issue Statement on Institutions' Exposure to Fannie, Freddie
10/17/2008 - The Federal Reserve and other federal banking agencies recently issued a statement concerning banks’ and thrifts' exposure to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The agencies are prepared to work with these institutions to help restore their capital.