Financial Update (April-June 1997)

New Series $50 Notes To Roll Out in Fall

A s part of its ongoing efforts to deter counterfeiting, the Treasury Department will release the second in the new series of redesigned Federal Reserve notes. The new design $50 note is scheduled for release this fall. The first of the new design notes, the $100 note, was released in March 1996.

Design features for the new $50 note include

  • color-shifting ink on the lower right-hand corner,
  • a watermark of Ulysses S. Grant's face to the right of the portrait,
  • an inscribed polymer security thread,
  • microprinting along the sides of the portrait, and
  • special features to make the notes more readable for the low-vision population.
The new series $50 rollout will follow the same pattern as the release of the new $100s. The old series $50 notes will be destroyed during currency processing, after being deposited at Federal Reserve Banks.

Release of new $20 notes is scheduled for 1998. Release of redesigned $10, $5 and $1 notes will follow at approximately annual intervals.

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