Financial Update (April-June 1998)

A New Look for
$20 Bill This Fall

T he bill most often dispensed by automated teller machines, the $20 note, will sport a new look this fall. The redesign is a part of the Treasury Department's ongoing efforts to deter counterfeiting. The new $20 bill will be introduced into the marketplace this fall.

The redesigned $20 note will contain features similar to those in the redesigned $100 and $50 bills, introduced in 1996 and 1997. These features include a numeral printed in color-shifting ink; a larger, more detailed and off-center portrait of Andrew Jackson; a watermark to the right of the portrait; microprinting along the sides of the portrait and in the side borders; an inscribed polymer security thread that when exposed to ultraviolet light; and a large, dark numeral on a light background on the back of the note that will make it easier for people with low vision to identify the note.

new $20 bill Bureau of Engraving and Printing
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