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The Atlanta Fed at Work

We define who we are by how and whom we serve, says Jack Guynn, president and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, in his message in the bank’s 1999 annual report, which focuses on the Atlanta Fed at work.

1999 Annual Report

Whether conducting economic research for formulating monetary policy or processing currency and coin, checks and other payments, the Atlanta Fed, as part of the nation’s central bank, must act with integrity and accountability. These values, as the report illustrates, are integral to the bank’s fulfilling its responsibilities to all the audiences it serves, including the bank’s ultimate authority — the people of the United States.

Last year the bank built on its record of service in all its areas of responsibility, but several accomplishments were particularly noteworthy. During the year, the Atlanta Fed

  • processed more cash — $62.2 billion — than ever before;
  • cleared more checks — 3.1 billion — than any other Federal Reserve Bank;
  • helped successfully implement the Year 2000 change-over at 1,100 depository institutions and banking companies; and
  • contributed to the policies that are helping make the economic expansion that began in 1991 the longest in the post–World War II era.

The Atlanta Fed’s 1999 annual report was selected as a finalist in the International ARC Awards competition, which judges reports based on their creativity, effectiveness and design.