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E-mail Notification Now Available for Circular Letters

For financial institutions, keeping abreast of changes in banking regulations is critical to sound management. The Atlanta Fed recently launched a new program to provide such information to institutions more quickly than ever before.

Faster access to circular letters online

In April the Atlanta Fed began posting circular letters on its Web site ( and in May began providing a free service that sends subscribers an e-mail notification each time a new circular letter is posted.

Circular letters provide information from the Federal Reserve Board, including proposals to amend regulations, which financial institutions may comment on; final rulings on regulatory changes; and payment system regulatory information. Circular letters also provide information on home mortgage disclosure exemptions; changes in the discount rate; supervisory announcements, including supervisory guidance, interagency statements, and amendments to regulations; and joint news releases from the Federal Reserve Board and other federal regulatory agencies.

By providing circular letters online and notifying subscribers via e-mail, the Atlanta Fed can now distribute such information much more quickly than with the previous system (discontinued in June) of reproducing, addressing, and mailing printed circular letters. The new service also allows several individuals in an institution to subscribe to e-mail alerts, improving on the old system in which each institution received only a single paper copy.

Subscribe online to e-mail alerts

Because the e-mail notification service uses a secure system that requires registrants to select a password, users must sign up online. To subscribe to this free service, visit the Atlanta Fed’s Web site at From the homepage, click on the “E-mail Notification for Web Postings” link in the “Noteworthy” box on the left-hand side of the screen to access the registration page.