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Atlanta Fed’s 2001 Annual Report: Opening a New Door

Designed to invite the reader inside, the Atlanta Fed’s 2001 annual report provides insights into both the bank’s new headquarters and, more importantly, into the organization’s continued goal of greater openness.

The theme of the report, as the front cover suggests, is “opening a new door.” The bank builds on that theme through a photographic essay highlighting various dimensions of the bank’s openness.

These highlights include a look inside the bank’s cash and check processing operations, which remained open and operating throughout the disruption of Sept. 11. The essay also focuses on the bank’s new conference center, which serves as a gathering place where diverse groups can talk about a range of issues of interest to the Atlanta Fed, including topics like monetary policy and personal financial literacy.

In addition, the report features a section on the bank’s new Visitors Center and Monetary Museum, designed to help the public learn about the work of the Fed and its role in the nation’s economy and financial system. The bank is also open through its Web site; the final section of the essay discusses the ease of accessibility for educators and others 24 hours a day.

Through its theme of openness, the report reviews the bank’s 2001 accomplishments and sets the stage for reaching new goals.

The Atlanta Fed’s 2001 annual report can be found on the bank’s Web site at