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A Fresh Approach to Financial Update

This issue of Financial Update is the last printed edition. The newsletter has been a fixture in the Atlanta Fed family of publications since 1988. While the content has kept pace with the times, the editorial staff and editorial board believe it is time to change the way the information in this newsletter is delivered to you.

Online, on point, on time
Beginning in the first quarter of 2003, Financial Update will become an online-only publication. The content of Financial Update will generally remain the same, but making the publication Web-only will provide more flexibility in presenting content, and the publication will be available sooner through Web publishing. The online-only environment will also allow for special editions and issues under the Financial Update banner as the need arises.

The decision to make Financial Update a Web-only publication is based on a number of factors. The responses to the recent in-publication readership survey indicated that readers like the idea of receiving the publication via the Web. The Atlanta Fed’s commitment to delivering information electronically is significant, and the bank’s use of the Web as a vehicle to reach its many constituents continues to grow.

Additionally, the bank has found through experience that readers who formerly received printed materials are receptive to receiving content online. For instance, when the Atlanta Fed stopped publishing printed copies of circular letters on regulatory and legal issues, the response was positive. Hundreds of depository institutions in the Sixth Federal Reserve District signed up for the e-mail notification service that provides an alert each time a new circular letter becomes available.

Don’t miss a single issue
Signing up to receive an e-mail notice when Financial Update goes online each quarter is simple. And the process allows multiple readers throughout a single financial institution or other organization to receive these e-mail notices. Just follow the steps below to sign up in advance for the first issue of 2003.

  • Go to the Atlanta Fed’s home page at
  • On the right side of the screen under “Notable Links,” click “E-Mail Notification for Web Postings.”
  • Follow the prompts to set your password and to choose the publications you would like to be notified about via e-mail.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive an e-mail letting you know when each issue of Financial Update is posted online.

If you have any questions about the decision to make Financial Update an online-only publication, contact the editorial director, Lynne Anservitz, via e-mail at or by phone at 404-498-8269.