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Atlanta Fed to Host Conference on
Payments in the Americas

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta will host the conference “Payments in the Americas” on Oct. 7–8. The conference will focus on the burgeoning remittance market in the Americas and the policy objective of facilitating electronic payments and reducing costs to consumers. Conference attendees, including policymakers, financial sector leaders from the Western Hemisphere, and payment system specialists, will discuss experiences with automated clearinghouse (ACH) and other types of electronic payments and how they could be more broadly applied.

The first panel will present a survey of low-value payment systems in the Americas and will discuss the growing volume of remittance payments and how these forces can be harnessed to further reduce the cost of transferring funds. The second panel will focus on the experiences of building cross-border payment exchanges in Asia and Europe, with particular emphasis on their lessons for the Americas. This panel will also examine the international ACH connections the Federal Reserve has developed for making low-cost, electronic cross-border payments to Canada, Mexico, and Europe. In the final panel, conference participants will be asked to assess regulatory concerns and policy challenges that lie ahead.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s Web site will carry further information about the conference in the coming months.