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Fed Launches Quarterly Banking Report

A new quarterly report on the condition of the U.S. banking industry is available to bankers and the general public. The data—drawn from regulatory reports filed with the Fed by bank holding companies (BHCs)—provide a broad perspective on the industry. The report is part of the Federal Reserve Bulletin, a publication of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.

BHCs’ net income rose
The spring 2004 report, presenting data through the fourth quarter of 2003, shows that net income for BHCs rose to $28.3 billion during that quarter, pushing full-year profits over the $100 billion mark for the first time. The report also notes that net interest margins—a measure that had contracted since 2001—eased slightly, inching up to 3.46 percent of average earning assets.

Federal Reserve Bulletin

Three data groups
The new report presents tables of data in the aggregate for three groups: all reporting BHCs, the 50 largest BHCs, and all other reporting companies. The data cover balance-sheet, off-balance-sheet, and income statement accounts as well as key financial ratios. The tables also provide historical data covering several years.

A summary of the most recent quarter for which data are available accompanies the tables. The summary includes key industry developments from the perspective of the Federal Reserve.

The report is available both on the Federal Reserve Board’s Web site and by subscription.