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Atlanta Fed’s Americas Center Site Debuts

The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta’s Americas Center recently introduced its new Web site. The site centralizes information about the bank’s extensive activities and resources related to North, South, and Central America and the Caribbean.

Center combines areas of expertise
The Americas Center exemplifies the Atlanta Fed’s role as a knowledge center on Latin American and Caribbean financial markets and institutions. A collaboration among the Atlanta Fed’s research, supervision and regulation, and financial services divisions, the site is intended to foster cooperation and communication among the bank’s staff and their counterparts in Latin America and the Caribbean, regions that have important economic and financial relationships with the Southeast. In addition, the site serves as a resource for bankers, policymakers, regulators, scholars, researchers, and others interested in developments in markets and financial institutions.

The Americas Center features information from a wide range of sources on financial regulation, economic research, remittances, and anti-money-laundering efforts. Materials include speeches, presentations, and research papers as well as an extensive list of Web links to U.S. and Latin American government sites, regulatory agencies, research institutions and universities, stock exchanges, and media.

Americas Center site
WebScriber E-mail and Publication Service

Broad application emphasized
“We want the site to be highly accessible to the largest possible audience,” said Stephen Kay, coordinator of the Americas Center and Latin American analysis at the Atlanta Fed. “In the future we will have a significant amount of content translated into both Spanish and Portuguese. By translating text into Portuguese, we are breaking ground because that will allow us to reach a wide audience in Brazil.” Some content is already available in Spanish and Portuguese, he added.

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