Financial Update (First Quarter 2006)


 Bernanke Has
 Southern Roots

 PSA Campaign for
 Katrina Victims

 Atlanta Keeps
 New Orleans’
 Check Function

 Guynn Foresees
 Growth in ’06

 Mortgage Guidance

 Reg E Revisions
 Affect Check
 Conversions, ATMs

 New Sixth District

 Fed Disburses
 $21 Billion
 to Treasury

 New Orleans Hosts
 Bankers Forum

 Fed Economic


 Data Bank

 Circular Letters



Fed’s Focus on Economic Education Remains Strong

Atlanta Fed online newsletter
Federal Reserve Education Web site
Extra Credit
Atlanta Fed Economic Education

The Federal Reserve System considers economic and financial education for everyone one of its most important activities. Financial institutions, too, are bolstering their efforts to educate Americans about how the economy works and how they can effectively navigate our dynamic and innovative financial system.

To learn more about the Fed’s economic and financial education programs, visit the Federal Reserve Education site. If you’re a teacher, you may want to take a look at the Atlanta Fed’s new economic education newsletter, Extra Credit.