Financial Update (Second Quarter 2006)


 Guynn Notes Growth,
 Some Uncertainties

 Conference Explores
 Markets, Institutions

 Economists Propose
 Fannie, Freddie
 Portfolio Limits

 Kohn Nominated
 as Fed’s
 Vice Chairman

 Atlanta Fed 2005
 Annual Report
 Remembers Katrina

 Fed Announces
 Changes to Cash
 Inventory Services

 Agencies Issue
 Advisory About Flu

 Exploring Credit,
 Debit Cards’
 Payment Process

 Atlanta Fed to
 Maintain Presence
 in Birmingham

 Barron: Community
 Banks Face

 Fed Gov. Olson
 Addresses Importance
 of Banks

 Board Launches
 Web Site
 Geared to Kids

 New Fed Product
 Helps Mitigate
 ACH Risk

 FDIC Ups Insurance
 Limits on Some


  Data Bank

  Circular Letters



New Board Web Site Targets Middle Schoolers

Kids Board Website

A cartoon eagle greets young visitors at the beginning of a series of questions and answers about the Federal Reserve System on the Board of Governors’ Kids Page, which was launched in March.

The Web page, aimed at middle school students, is part of the Fed’s commitment to furthering personal economic literacy. The page teaches visitors basic facts about the chairman of the Board of Governors, the structure of the Federal Open Market Committee, and the Federal Reserve System’s history, structure, and primary functions. The page links to other resources on the Board’s site, such as publications, and offers additional information about a variety of topics.

Once visitors have perused the question-and-answer page, they are invited to take a 10-question, multiple-choice quiz. The page also links to Fed 101, the Federal Reserve System’s education Web site.

Federal Reserve Kids Page
Fed 101

“The Federal Reserve has a long history of promoting economic education and financial literacy,” said Federal Reserve Gov. Mark Olson. “This new Web page provides younger students with a basic approach to the complexities of the Federal Reserve that is both enjoyable and interesting.”