Financial Update (Fourth Quarter 2006)

Vol. 19, No. 4,
Fourth Quarter 2006


Point of Purchase
Fuels E-Check Growth

Atlanta Fed Publishes
Online Payments Guide

Fed Vice Chair: Payment
System Still Evolving

Agencies Propose Rules
to Prevent ID Theft

Bank Profitability Strong
in '05, Report Says

Comments Requested
on Basel II Rules

New Governor Joins
Federal Reserve Board

Study Explores Credit
Notice Attitudes

Payroll Cards to Receive
Added Protection

FHLBs' Risk Taking
Behaviors Examined

Nontraditional Mortgage
Guidance Issued

Atlanta Fed Welcomes
SBAL Council Members


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Consumer Guide to Nontraditional Mortgages Published

The types of mortgage products available to onsumers have proliferated during the last several years. Making the best choice among an interest-only mortgage, adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM), or an ARM with a minimum payment option—to name only three nontraditional mortgages—can be confusing to someone buying a house or refinancing an existing mortgage.

Homing in on risks
To help consumers make more informed choices, the federal bank, thrift, and credit union regulatory agencies have published a new resource, Interest-Only Mortgage Payments and Payment-Option ARMs—Are They for You? The publication warns of the risks consumers may face with certain mortgage products and urges borrowers to be realistic about whether they can handle future payment increases.

The publication suggests that if consumers are not comfortable with a loan's associated risks, they should ask about other mortgage products. It also contains a list of questions and answers about various types of mortgage loan products.

Press release
Printable version of the brochure

Knowledge is power
The brochure emphasizes the need to understand mortgage loan terms such as payment shock (for example, the expiration of a temporary interest rate cap) and negative amortization (when monthly payments don't cover all the interest owed, thus increasing the balance owed each month).

How loans may perform
To illustrate how different types of mortgage loans perform over time, the publication compares the costs of a $180,000 mortgage loan under five scenarios: fixed-rate, fixed-rate interest-only, and three types of ARMs.

Financial organizations can "own" the information
A downloadable version of the publication is available so interested groups can print copies for their use. This version includes space for organizations to include their own contact information. Single copies of the brochure are available free of charge from the Federal Reserve Board, Publications, Mail Stop 127, 20th and C Streets, N.W., Washington, D.C. 20551.