Financial Update (Second Quarter 2007)

Financial Update Offers More Frequent Publication
A Note From the Editorial Director

photo of a megaphoneTo all our valued Financial Update readers:

To provide a more continuous flow of information to you, the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta is changing the way Financial Update’s content is delivered on the Web. Beginning immediately, you will be able to check Financial Update online throughout the quarter to read short articles about regulatory changes, summaries of significant speeches by Federal Reserve officials, and other news of interest to readers in the banking and finance industries and related fields.

In addition, Financial Update will continue to feature in-depth stories covering topics such as the changing mix of checks and electronic payments, research on banking and finance trends, and developments in supervision and regulation. As a subscriber, you’ll receive monthly e-mail updates of new content in each issue.

Financial Update will also offer audio podcasts of interviews with experts and opinion leaders on a range of topics. These podcasts will be available by subscription on the Atlanta Fed Web site through a Real Simple Syndication (RSS) reader and archived for later listening. Each podcast is accompanied by a transcript.

The Atlanta Fed hopes you will enjoy and benefit from this new continuous publishing format. If you have comments or questions, please e-mail

May 9, 2007