Financial Update (Third Quarter 2008)

Atlanta Fed Research Director Introduces Economics Blog

photo of David Altig Research staff at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta is now producing macroblog, an economics blog that appears on the Atlanta Fed's Web site.

Macroblog offers commentary and observations on various economic topics of the day, including monetary policy, macroeconomic developments, financial issues, and Southeast economic trends. Posts so far, for example, have addressed what employment statistics say about the economy's health, the gross domestic product deflator, the complexities of measuring inflation, and the results of the federal government's economic stimulus package.

Bringing the blog to Atlanta
David Altig, senior vice president and director of research at the Atlanta Fed, originally launched macroblog in 2004 while he was an adjunct professor of economics in the graduate business school at the University of Chicago. He suspended the blog in August 2007, when he began his responsibilities at the Atlanta Fed.

Macroblog will feature postings from Altig and other Atlanta Fed economists. "Macroblog will provide our Reserve Bank economists with another venue for publishing economic analysis but on a more timely basis," Altig said.

David Altig's bio

New posts twice weekly
Altig made the first post to macroblog on the Bank's Web site on Aug. 12. New posts will appear on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Postings will be made to macroblog during the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) blackout period, which runs from the week before the FOMC meeting until the Friday after it, but the posts during these periods will not comment on monetary policy.

The blog also contains a number of useful links, including government resources; a list of recent posts; archived posts categorized by month and topic; and user comments, which are moderated. Users may subscribe to macroblog via RSS feeds and e-mail.


September 29, 2008