Second Quarter, Volume 23, Number 2

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Vol. 23, No. 2,
Second Quarter 2010


New Consumer Credit Rules Approved

Fed Gov. Duke Examines Banking Landscape

Fed Launches New Remittance Service

Federal Reserve Clarifies Overdraft Service Rules

Article Examines Banks' Rocky 2009

Federal Reserve Study Examines Mortgage Data

Fed to Test Offering Term Deposits

Hearings to Be Held on Changes to HMDA

Online Form Builder Available to Banks

Fed Gov. Duke Discusses Community Banks' Role

Fed Gov. Tarullo Addresses Banks' Future Challenges

Banking Agencies Address Liquidity Risk Management


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Editor's Note: This publication is posted on a rolling schedule and content will be added throughout the quarter.
Updated June 29, 2010
photo of hand holding credit card Federal Reserve Board Approves New Consumer Credit Rule
6/29/2010 - The Federal Reserve Board of Governors recently approved a rule that shields credit card users from unreasonable penalty fees and requires card issuers to review recent increases in interest rates.
photo of Fed Governor Duke Fed Gov. Duke Describes New Consumer Banking Landscape
6/28/2010 - The financial crisis and the response by policymakers have altered retail banks' operating environment, Federal Reserve Gov. Elizabeth Duke said recently. Consequently, banks will have to change their business practices and products considerably.
globe graphic Fed Launches New Remittance Service
6/28/2010 - A new multipartner international payments service allows funds from U.S. bank accounts to be sent to unbanked recipients in 11 Latin American countries, expanding automated clearinghouse transactions among participating nations.
photo of woman's hand pointing to check register entry Federal Reserve Board Clarifies Final Rules Pertaining to Overdraft Services
6/28/2010 - The Federal Reserve Board has clarified its final rules pertaining to financial institutions' disclosure practices related to overdraft services, including account balance information given to consumers through automated systems.
bank sign Bank Profits and Balance Sheets Show Mixed Progress in 2009
5/28/2010 - U.S. commercial banks faced some daunting challenges in 2009, a recent article from the Federal Reserve Board showed. Among the challenges were deteriorating asset quality, a decline in lending activity, and a growing list of troubled banks and bank failures.
photo of homebuyers and realtor 2008 HMDA Data Revisions Reflect Economic Downturn
5/26/2010 - A Federal Reserve Board article about adjusted Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data finds that the mortgage market in 2008 reflected the economic crisis. One of the most obvious was a sharp drop in reported loan application and origination volumes, which fell sharply.
customers and bank teller Federal Reserve to Test Offering Term Deposits
5/19/2010 - The Federal Reserve Board has announced that it will soon offer small-value term deposits to eligible depository institutions through the Term Deposit Facility program. The first of up to five offerings could be held as early as mid-June.
HMDA graphic Federal Reserve to Hold Public Hearings on HMDA Changes
5/19/2010 - A series of public hearings on potential revisions to the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act will be held this summer. Interested parties including consumers, community and consumer organizations, and mortgage lenders will participate in the hearings.
photo of man looking at computer screen Federal Regulators Release Online Form Builder
4/29/2010 - Financial institutions can now use an online tool to create customized versions of a model consumer privacy notice. The form builder simplifies financial institutions' obligation to provide initial and annual privacy policies to their customers.
photo of Fed Governor Duke Fed Governor Duke: Community Banks Key to Economic Growth
4/26/2010 - Stability has returned to financial markets, but banking conditions remain weak, and many businesses are still having trouble getting credit. Federal Reserve Governor Elizabeth Duke recently addressed the role of community banks in providing credit to local businesses and households.
photo of Fed Governor Tarullo Community Banks Face New Postcrisis Challenges, Says Fed Governor Tarullo
4/26/2010 - While the vast majority of community banks will survive the economic downturn, problems with commercial real estate loans and other short-term challenges will topple some of them, Federal Reserve Governor Daniel K. Tarullo recently said.
bank risk graphic Banking Regulators Issue Liquidity Risk Management Guidelines
4/13/2010 - Recent financial market turmoil has highlighted the importance of liquidity risk management to financial institutions' safety and soundness. Banking agencies recently issued a statement addressing depository institutions' funding and liquidity risk practices.