Fourth Quarter, Volume 22, Number 4

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Vol. 22, No. 4,
Fourth Quarter 2009


EconSouth Magazine Offers Outlook for 2010

Crisis Reshapes Cross-Border Financial Flows

Fed Chair Answers Common Questions

Rules Regarding Overdraft Fees to Change

CRE Presents Ongoing Challenges

Mortgage Holders to Be Informed of New Servicer

Federal Reserve Actions Roundup for October

New Mortgage Data Reveal Difficulties

Fed Chair Speaks on Regulatory Reform

Outstanding Credit Among U.S. Consumers Falls in August

Fed Gov. Warsh Discusses Challenges Ahead


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Editor's Note: This publication is posted on a rolling schedule and content will be added throughout the quarter.
Updated December 30, 2009
graphic of world map with arrows EconSouth Magazine Offers Outlook for 2010
12/30/2009 - The new issue of the Atlanta Fed's regional economics magazine offers an outlook on 2010. Contributors to the issue generally conclude that the economy has begun to show signs of rebuilding and repair after the financial crisis.

graphic of world map with arrows Crisis Reshapes Cross-Border Financial Flows
12/28/2009 - The global financial crisis had a significant impact on investment patterns around the world as investors shied away from foreign investments and chose to keep their money at home, recent Federal Reserve Board research shows.
Podcast logo In Financial Update Focus, listen to Galina Alexeenko discuss trends in international capital flows in the wake of the recent financial crisis.

photo of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke Fed Chairman Bernanke Answers Frequently Asked Questions
12/21/2009 - While discussing the U.S. economy's performance recently, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said he foresees growth in 2010. He also responded to some of the questions he most often receives.

photo of woman reading credit card information Rules Regarding ATM, Debit Card Fees Change
11/25/2009 - New rules will prohibit financial institutions from charging customers overdraft fees on automated teller machine and one-time debit card transactions without the customer's express consent.

photo of Atlanta Fed president Dennis Lockhart Atlanta Fed President: Commercial Real Estate a Concern for Community Banks, Small Business
11/25/2009 - The commercial real estate sector poses challenges for the overall economy, Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart said in a recent speech, and its challenge could be especially acute for smaller banks and businesses.

Federal Reserve governors board room and seal Fed Approves Rule Requiring Notice When Mortgages Are Sold
11/25/2009 - A new rule requires mortgage holders to be informed when their mortgage loan has been sold or transferred. The requirement calls for consumers to be told within 30 days of such a change.

Fed Actions graphic Updates on Lending Facility, Compensation Policies Among Recent Federal Reserve Actions
10/29/2009 - The announcement of changes to a Fed lending facility and the issuance of a proposal concerning the compensation policies of banking organizations are among recent actions taken by the Federal Reserve.

image of house for sale Mortgage Data Show Lending Decline
10/28/2009 - Recently released Home Mortgage Disclosure Act data show that difficulties in the housing and mortgage industry are ongoing. The difficulties are reflected among many groups of borrowers and hint at continued struggles in the housing market.

photo of Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke Fed Chair Bernanke Outlines Pillars of Regulatory Reform
10/28/2009 - Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke recently enumerated five key elements that he believes should be included in a broad agenda for financial regulatory reform, including new legislation concerning large financial firms and consumer protections.

photo of hand holding credit card Consumer Credit Fell by $12 Billion in August
10/28/2009 - Consumer credit outstanding among U.S. consumers fell by nearly $12 billion in August, the seventh consecutive monthly decline and an annual reduction in total outstanding consumer credit of 5.8 percent.

photo of Fed Gov. Warsh Fed Gov. Warsh: Difficult Work Ahead for Policymakers
10/28/2009 - Federal Reserve Gov. Kevin Warsh said recently that while the economy and financial markets are improving, stability is far from assured and that Fed policymakers face considerable work in an uncertain environment.