Fourth Quarter, Volume 23, Number 4

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Vol. 23, No. 4,
Fourth Quarter 2010


Debit Cards Overtake Checks in Payments Mix

Agencies Issue Appraisal, Evaluation Guidance

Fed Gov. Duke Speaks on Payments Landscape

FRBA President Discusses Labor Market

Examining Payment of Interest on Reserves

Atlanta Fed President Speaks on Bond Purchases

Fed Unveils Guide to Credit Reports, Scores

Atlanta Fed Chief Supports QE2 Policy

Rule Aims to Clarify Card Issuers' Obligations

Study Reviews Credit Quality in 2010


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Editor's Note: This publication is posted on a rolling schedule and content will be added throughout the quarter.
Updated December 29, 2010
photo of hand holding a debit card Debit Cards Overtake Checks in Payments Mix
12/29/2010 - Continuing trends already under way, consumers are increasingly using debit cards instead of checks and other noncash payment options, a new Federal Reserve payments study shows. In contrast, the number of checks written continued to decline.

Podcast logo In Financial Update Focus, listen to Rich Oliver, executive vice president at the Atlanta Fed, discuss the recent Board of Governors payments study.

photo of home appraisor Agencies Issue New Real Estate Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines
12/15/2010 - Federal financial regulators have released new guidelines on real estate appraisal and evaluation practices. The guidelines clarify standards for how financial institutions should use analytical methods and technological tools to evaluate real estate.
photo of Fed Governor Duke Fed Gov. Duke Discusses Consumer Credit, Payments Landscape
12/15/2010 - Federal Reserve Governor Elizabeth Duke recently addressed the evolution in how consumers and businesses make purchases. She also discussed recent shifts in consumers' payment preferences in the wake of the economic slowdown.
photo of Atlanta Fed Chair Dennis Lockhart Atlanta Fed's Lockhart Discusses Business Feedback on the Labor Market
11/30/2010 - Uncertainty about the cost of some government policies is restraining southeastern hiring, according to recent remarks from Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart. In the speech, Lockhart also discussed how the Atlanta Fed gathers information about the regional economy and labor market.
pile of bills Examining the Effects of Paying Interest on Reserves 11/30/2010 - The Federal Reserve began paying interest on reserves (IOR) balances held in Federal Reserve accounts in October 2008. What effects, if any, has paying IOR had on lending and other banking practices?
photo of Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart Lockhart: Asset Purchases the Right Move
11/23/2010 - The Federal Reserve's plan to buy $600 billion in Treasury notes is designed to support a faster recovery and speed the achievement of the Fed's mandates—maximum employment and price stability, Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart said in a recent speech.
credit card statement and magnifying glass Federal Reserve Unveils Online Guide to Credit Reports, Scores
11/23/2010 - The Federal Reserve has unveiled an online publication that explains what a credit report is, how it's used and by whom, and why it's important for consumers to monitor the information on their credit report.
photo of Atlanta FEd President Dennis Lockhart Atlanta Fed's Lockhart Voices Support for Quantitative Easing
10/28/2010 - In a recent speech, Atlanta Fed president and CEO Dennis Lockhart pondered the benefits and risks of further action to get the U.S. economy moving again. Specifically, he discussed a second round of quantitative easing—popularly termed QE2—as a tool to jumpstart the economy.
photo of hand holding credit card Federal Reserve Proposes Rule to Clarify New Credit Card Protections
10/27/2010 - The Federal Reserve Board has proposed a rule that would enhance recent consumer protections concerning credit cards. The proposal aims to eliminate ambiguity and inform card issuers of their obligations to cardholders.
bank lending graphic Credit Quality Improves in 2010, Banking Agencies Say
10/27/2010 - Credit quality remained weak in 2010 but improved from the previous year, according to a recent study by the Federal Reserve and other federal banking agencies. The Shared National Credits (SNCs) Review for 2010 covers large loans and formal loan commitments that are shared by three or more supervised institutions.
ViewPoint Communication: The Key to Guiding Southeast Banks through Tumultuous Times
(MP3 6:42)
10/27/2010 - Michael Johnson, the Atlanta Fed's senior vice president of supervision and regulation, discusses the importance of communication between the banking industry and bank supervisors in the Southeast in a podcast interview.