Financial Update (Second Quarter 2010)


Editorial Director
Lynne Anservitz

Managing Editor
Tom Heintjes

Assistant Editor
Nancy Condon

Staff Writers
Charles Davidson
Lela Pratte
Jean Tate

Darryl Kennedy

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Leslie Williams

Editorial Board
Bobbie McCrackin—V.P., Public Affairs, Chairman
Christopher Alexander—A.V.P., Check Product Office
Thomas J. Cunningham—V.P. and Assoc. Director of Research
Cynthia Goodwin—V.P., Supervision and Regulation
Janet Herring—A.V.P., Accounting
Evette Jones—A.V.P., Cash Services
Bob Musso—Sr. V.P., New Orleans Branch
Pierce Nelson—A.V.P., Public Affairs
Chris Oakley—V.P., Jacksonville Branch
Susan Robertson—A.V.P., Retail Payments Office
Rebecca Wasserman—Associate Counsel, Legal

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