"ViewPoint" to Debut in September, Discusses Supervisory, Regulatory Issues

"ViewPoint" to Debut in September, Discusses Supervisory, Regulatory Issues

A quarterly message from Atlanta Fed Senior Vice President Michael Johnson

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The recession and the Dodd-Frank regulatory reform bill have focused a lot of attention in recent months on the performance of financial institutions as well as the supervision and regulation function. As the new senior vice president of the Atlanta Fed's Supervision and Regulation Division, I decided that it was a good time to clarify some of the issues currently generating interest and discussion.

This September, Financial Update debuts "ViewPoint," a new quarterly article that I will be writing to bring attention to the overall financial performance of the region's financial institutions. Additional content in each quarterly article will feature views on a variety of supervisory issues, including current priorities and the challenges that banks and financial institutions confront.

Upcoming topics will likely include the current state and future prospects for commercial real estate, Dodd-Frank financial reform legislation implications, the implementation schedule of reform-related matters, and potential emerging risks.

"ViewPoint" will include helpful links to articles, speeches, and websites that pertain to supervisory matters or to the specific topics being covered. Also, the column will provide readers with the ability to respond to me directly by using the dedicated e-mailbox at ViewPoint@atl.frb.org on matters of particular interest.

Please watch for the launch of "ViewPoint" in late September. I trust you will find this an informative and useful tool in conducting your business, and I look forward to your feedback.

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Michael Johnson
Senior Vice President, Atlanta Fed Supervision and Regulation Division

August 31, 2010