Flexible Interactive Training

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide you—our customer—with the necessary tools and information to prepare and submit accurate and timely regulatory reports, the Financial Statistics and Structure Analysis Department (FSSA) has developed Getting Fit: A Training Guide for Financial and Structure Reporting, a series of interactive tutorials designed to guide you and your staff as you prepare financial and structure reports for submission to the Fed.

And while we don't intend Getting Fit to replace the traditional classroom-based training that FSSA has offered in the past (and that we will continue to offer in the future), it complements existing training programs and should reduce the amount of time spent on one-on-one training.

Note: When you click on a link to a tutorial, you will be taken to another website, frbatlanta.us.

Each tutorial will cover a new report and/or address new reporting formats, requirements, and procedures. Your feedback is important to us, and we ask that you provide us with your comments and recommendations by contacting Lisa Mitchell-Redden at lisa.a.mitchell@atl.frb.org or 404-498-8632.

FR 2900 Report of Transaction Accounts, Other Deposits, and Vault Cash (March 2017)
FR Y-6
Annual Report of Holding Companies (March 2017)
FR Y-8 The Bank Holding Company Report of Insured Depository Institutions' Section 23A Transactions with Affiliates (September 2015)
FR Y-9SP Parent Company Only Financial Statements for Small Bank Holding Companies (March 2017)