Filing an Application

Advance Name Checks: For filings that require FR2081C (Interagency Biographical and Financial Report), these forms may be submitted in advance in order to expedite processing.

Antitrust Considerations in Banking ProposalsOff-site link | Antitrust Division Guidelines and Policy Statements from the Department of JusticeOff-site link

Banking Market Definitions, Sixth District: Alabama | Florida | Georgia | Louisiana | Mississippi | Tennessee

Electronic Filings: E-Apps is a web-based application that will allow banking organizations supervised by the Federal Reserve System to submit applications online, either directly or through their authorized representatives. For filings that are submitted via E-Apps, a hard-copy submission is not required. Instructions for accessing E-Apps can be found on the Board of Governors' websiteOff-site link.

Fee: The Federal Reserve does not charge a fee to process applications.

Filings Types (Forms to Use, Guiding Regulation, Publication Information, Number of Copies to Submit)

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Publication Guide

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Well-Capitalized, Definition of: Certain application procedures require that the applicant and/or its subsidiaries be well-capitalized. As of January 1, 2015, the statutory requirements under Section 131 of FDICIA for a well-capitalized institution are:

  1. Minimum common equity tier 1 capital ratio of 6.5 percent,
  2. Minimum total risk-based capital ratio of 10 percent,
  3. Minimum tier 1 risk-based capital ratio of 8 percent,
  4. Minimum tier 1 leverage ratio of 5 percent, and
  5. Must be under no capital directive.

See Regulation QOff-site link for additional details.