Financial Update (July-September 1998)


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Financial Update
Gets a New Look

T o better serve readers, the Atlanta Fed has redesigned Financial Update to make it more visually appealing and accessible. The redesigned publication aims to present financial news and information in a concise, attractive and organized fashion.

Financial Update will continue to provide quarterly coverage of issues important to financial institutions in the Sixth Federal Reserve District through articles on Federal Reserve regulations, products, services and operations. Other articles will cover such topics as financial research by Atlanta Fed economists and speeches by Atlanta Fed President Jack Guynn or other financial industry leaders.

Regular features will include "Did You Know?" providing information on Federal Reserve responsibilities, structures and functions and regulatory issues; "Year 2000," focusing on century date change issues; "Data Bank," featuring commercial bank data for Sixth District states; and "The Docket," a tally of recent actions taken by the Board of Governors on regulations, prices and services.