Financial Update (Third Quarter 2008)

Atlanta Fed 2007 Annual Report Examines Changing Southeast Economy

Annual Report cover The Atlanta Fed has published its 2007 annual report, The Southeast Economy: A Larger Perspective.

As the title suggests, the report examines the Southeast economy in a broad sense—from its agrarian roots, to its evolution into a microcosm of the larger national economy, to the challenges the region faces today and in the future. A message from Atlanta Fed President and Chief Executive Officer Dennis Lockhart introduces the publication, and four sections explore the Bank's place in the region's economy, factors that tested the economy in 2007, a historical recap of the region, and a look at challenges that lie ahead.

"Tracking day-to-day and month-to-month changes in the region's economy and financial sector helps us accomplish our mission, but I believe it's also important to achieve a larger, longer-term perspective," Lockhart writes in his introductory message. "To do so, we must evaluate the region's macroeconomic trends over different time horizons. I believe it's appropriate, therefore, to focus the Bank's 2007 annual report on longer-term growth prospects for the Southeast and the associated challenges."

2007 Atlanta Fed Annual Report
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The report also includes highlights of the year in the Bank's operations, financial results, and lists of directors, officers, and advisers.


July 30, 2008